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Who are we?

Merkur Cooperative Bank is a Danish values-based bank that combines classical banking with a vision of a sustainable society.

Merkur Cooperative Bank has been a forerunner of sustainable development and social responsibility in the Danish banking sector since 1982. Which we still intend to be. At Merkur you get the service and products you normally would expect from a bank. But you also get a lot more.

What we do

We give and facilitate financial advice and financing to both personal and business customers. To personal customers we lend and arrange mortgages. On the business side we finance profit making enterprises within sustainable production and not-for-profit institutions and associations within cultural and social fields.

Denmark's most transparent financial institution

We want to prove that we actually do what we say. Therefore the overall criteria and guidelines for our activities are publically available, and everyone can see to which end their money is being lent out.

Furthermore are we mainly owned by our customers which also emphasizes a high degree of transparancy.

For security reasons, we only receive new customers digitally. Merkur does not offer onboarding forms in English. Nor can you expect our staff to assist you in English.

Please note that all documents from Merkur - including contracts and general terms and conditions, etc. - are available in Danish only. However, we can offer an online banking service in English.

Global alliance for Banking on Values

In march 2009, Merkur co-founded a global network of banks with a value-based and societal oriented business profile: Global Alliance for Banking on Values. The network now has over 50 menber institions that span 6 continents, combining a total of more than USD 190bn on their balance sheets.

By acting in unison the aim is to demonstrate a strong alternative to the business models that led to the financial crisis. Between the banks, there are many experiences to be shared since their business areas span widely: from micro-finance banks in Asia and Latin America to environmental technology in California, and all-round socially and environmentally oriented banks in Europe.

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